NHWQ Community Advisory Committee meeting – 27 May 2017

Members of the CAC – representing you, the NHWQ members

The NHWQ Community Advisory Committee met in Brisbane on Saturday to discuss anything and everything related to neighbourhood watch, with a view to moving the program forward.

The NHWQ Community Advisory Committee is made up of a NHWQ representative from each Police District in Queensland and representatives from the NHWQ State Office. The group meets by teleconference throughout the year and face to face once or twice a year.


The District Representatives put forward ideas and concerns raised by individual watches in their districts, as well as sharing watch success stories and plans for the future. For South Brisbane District, two upcoming Dogs on Patrol launches involving 5 and 3 groups respectively are encouraging, with groups working together to spread the crime prevention message. A proposed Turning the Screws on Crime activity by another watch and an upcoming Community Safety Day also demonstrate that NHW in South Brisbane District is alive and active.

The success of the Community Advisory Committee depends on input by individual groups – while some South Brisbane District groups have provided their District Representative with contact details, many have not. If your group has not provided a formal contact person, please take this up with your District Crime Prevention Coordinator and ask that contact details be provided to the South Brisbane District Representative on the NHWQ Community Advisory Committee.

Got a good idea – let us know

Thoughts, comments and suggestions are all welcomed by your NHWQ Community Advisory Committee member, as are stories about successes and future projects. The success of NHW depends on all of us.

For some time now the use of social media to spread messages has been a focus of NHWQ. The Community Advisory Committee discussed the NHWQ blogs and other forms of social media such as Facebook. The current NHWQ Social Media Policy applies to all forms of social media.

The 2017 NHWQ State Conference to be held in Logan City on Saturday 7 October was high on the meeting agenda and lots of ideas were discussed. Further information will be posted on the various NHWQ blogs a bit closer to the event but it was confirmed that the venue will be the Beenleigh Events Centre.

NHW commenced in Queensland in 1988 and will have been active for 30 years in 2018. The 2018 NHWQ State Conference will have a celebratory focus but also a continuing crime prevention and community safety focus.



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